History of the Imperial Road Gasholders

The gasholders at Imperial Road were once part of a larger industrial area that covered much of Sands End and included a power station and a chemical works. Many of the houses in the area grew up around this industrial centre along west London's riverside, providing homes for local workers.

Run by the Gas Light and Coke Company from 1824, the six gasholders that are on-site were built to store gas for London. Gasholder No. 2 is the oldest gasholder in existence – a unique piece of history that will be preserved as part of the site's regeneration.

There are also several other historic buildings on the site that will be preserved as part of the redevelopment, including the redbrick office building, the 'Laboratory' and the War Memorial.

As technology has progressed and London deindustrialised, the Fulham gasworks fell out of use. Enhancements to the gas pipeline networks across London mean that the gasholders are no longer needed to store gas.